About Me

“To me, taking a photograph is not just taking a nice photo but it is telling a story and what the people in it were feeling and thinking at that very moment in time.”

My passion for photography started after the birth of my children. I started off wanting to capture every moment and milestone of my children as they grew so fast which then lead to doing family and wedding photography for close friends and then friends of friends. I soon discovered this was a passion I really enjoyed and spent most of my free time expanding my photography skills through experience and numerous photography courses in all styles of photography. I just wanted to know more and more of how I could ensure I captured everything about the perfect photo.

My job will be to capture your wedding day as it happens. My styles are candid, relaxed, fun and professional, combined with creative portraiture. You will barely notice i am there, but you and your family will cherish the images we create together, forever. They will reflect the true emotions of the day and just what your wedding is about. My aim is to make you feel comfortable like we are old friends, where you can be your complete selves without feeling like your being judged. You can rely on me and ask me for help at any time.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my portfolio. I hope we get to work together.